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Why Choose Us?

  • Zhuhai coreway Technology Co., Ltd. focuses on providing application innovation solutions based on ARM architecture for users in various industries, as an innovative technology enterprise with leading technology and sustainable development ability.

  • The products of indodo brand have been successfully applied to commercial cash register, weighing measurement, mobile payment, queuing, conference visitors, medical and other industries, providing high-quality products for 100000+ customers at home and abroad.

  • Indodo brand provides perfect after-sales service for each customer, service hotline: 0756-3965177, service time: 9:00-12:00 am 13:30-18:00 PM from Monday to Friday

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    Necessity of electronic scale

    Many tools are needed in our life, and this cash balance is one of them. When using the cashier scale, we need to load some goods, which is what we need in the transaction process, because after we kn...

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    The structure of electronic cash register

    The structure of the electronic cash register is mainly composed of electronic components and mechanical components, including seven parts:1) Main board - central data processing unit2) Memory - stora...

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    The 22nd China retail fair in 2020

    The 22nd China retail Expo (chinasop2020) was held in the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai) from November 19 to 21, 2020.China retail Expo is jointly sponsored by China Chain Busine...

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    Advantages and importance of industrial control touch machine

    Fashionable appearance, light and delicate. Highly integrated design simplicity. Robust, high performance computing power optimizes productivity and production quality. Compact, fan free, industrial d...

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    How to build lasting commodity power of life?

    Today, the socialized mass production has redefined the commodity, and the commodity that can be sold on the market for a long time means that the brand, scale and standardization production are devel...


Smart Technology Smart Life

Life is an attitude. Life is rich and colorful!

Technology and fashion are the double standards of indodo brand innovation pursuit. Adhering to the concept of "smart technology, smart life".

Indodo, which means to provide more happy life elements for people.

Let you easily deal with life, bring you the most novel experience. Life, so quietly changed, unlimited passion!

Innovative technology enterprises with leading technology

Rooted in the industry for 10 years, we are committed to becoming the leader and watcher of the industry!
100000+ Customers
200+ Clients
20+ Products
50000+ Capacity