Number of artists: 2

Job description:

1. Design and update the overall image of the online store, design, production and optimization of product description, processing and display of shop product pictures, and plane support of promotional activities, etc., and make creative pictures of online e-commerce platform;

2. Cooperate with the promoters to make the promotion publicity map, through train and diamond booth promotion picture, and design the in store activity posters regularly in combination with the marketing ideas;

3. Independently complete the style positioning and commodity display design of the online store, and integrate the commodity style design of our company to produce the creative pictures of commodities with image and text, visual beauty, emotional marketing and literal marketing.

Job requirements:

1. Junior college degree or above (Art Engineering) / Bachelor degree or above (especially excellent junior college can be limited to design), major in art, design or related design, proficient in application of Photoshop, AI and other related design software;

2. Have a relatively deep art foundation and design concept, can accurately grasp the overall style design, and graduated from the art design major;

3. Strong enthusiasm and creative thinking for design, strong advertising creative ability, aesthetic ability and artistic accomplishment;

4. Familiar with web focus theory and rich experience in web layout;

5. Have the ability of hand drawing and good writing (the requirements can be relaxed for artists);

6. Have 1 year or more experience in e-commerce design such as Taobao tmall (preferred), and be familiar with the technical requirements and workflow of decoration design of online stores such as Taobao tmall.

Number of online store managers / customer service recruiters: 2

Job description:

And we will design a humanized two shift work schedule for you (work at home in the evening shift), provide a huge bonus return higher than the industry average, one-on-one tutor to help you realize your ideal.

Post responsibilities of e-commerce customer service specialist: improve pre-sales consultation satisfaction, promote sales, provide consumers with high-quality shopping experience, and maintain the company's brand image through their own work.

1. To deal with the pre-sale consultation questions raised by consumers through Wangwang;

2. Guide consumers to buy, order payment, promote sales;

3. Carry out secondary marketing work for old customers through Wangwang and telephone communication;

4. Collect, collate and summarize the core data of the job, and provide reference for the Department's decision-making;

5. Complete other tasks assigned by the superior.